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Full Version: Neoncube Alive.
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NeonCube BETA 1.2 has been released!
bug reports: NeonCube Bug Report Forum or reply to this thread.

Help me help you
* Please do not post bugs which are already posted by other users.

* If you are having problems using it, please double check if your configuration file is correct, patch_list file is in right format, gpf/rar patch file is not corrupt and doesn't contain characters with , ? and others. Also, trying to extract it using Grf Tool, Gryff or Grf Factory before adding it as a patch would be better.

* If you are getting "failed to extract file.gpf", try comparing the md5 checksum of the downloaded file and the file that is hosted on the patch_folder. This is to verify that the file was downloaded sucessfully.If the md5 checksum are the same, the file was downloaded successfully, else please post about it. To get the md5 checksum of a file, use:

* Detailed Post. Please do not post things such as: "neoncube won't work, it says failed to extract blah.gpf". Providing the following information would be great:
- What OS?
- What server are you downloading from? (Apache. IIS, etc)
- What version of Internet Explorer?
- Korean fonts installed?
- What is written on error.log?

- NeonCube is an open-source (released under GNU GPL) Ragnarok Online patch client. It's fully skinable, and has lots of features which isn't available on the original patch client that Gravity made.

- Default skin
- Red Skin

What's new in 1.2?
Completely used Rasqual's Compilation
Rasqual had made improvements to the 1.1 release. Stable enough to be the 1.2 release.

Enhanced repacking system
Repacks any kind of GPF and GRF file. Smart repacking system detects if a GRF needs a full repack.

Code Cleanup
Removed codes which are not in use.

What's new in 1.1?
Supports RAR Archives
You can now use RAR files as patches

Regexe Call
You can add ragexe call (1rag1/1sak1) using neoncube.ini

Optional Data folder support
You can now specify where a patch will go using the dest flag on patch_list. See "new patch list format" below.

Startup Opton in neoncube.ini
Set to 1 if you want to be able to start the ragnarok client anytime. (patcher is still
downloading files, patcher failed to connect, patcher failed to extract, etc).

Set to 2 if you want to be able to start the ragnarok client only AFTER the patch process has completed (if it fails to connect/download a patch, it won't start) .

set to 3 if you want to be able to start the ragnarok client only AFTER the patch process has completed (if it fails to connect/download a patch. it WILL start).

Faster and Less CPU usage when extracting files
The extracting process has been optimized by moving the subsequent calls to write into data.grf.txt into its own recursive function

Libraries are now statically linked
4 less DLLs.

Checks files before starting the patch process
Checks for: exetutable, neoncube.ini, Create.exe and other needed files before the actual patch process starts.

New patch_list format
On 1.0 it is:
patch_index patch_name (eg: 123 patchname.gpf)

Now its:
patch_index dest patch_name where dest is where will patch_name go.

//this will extract patchname.gpf to the data folder
123   FLD   patchname.gpf

//here, patchname2.gpf will be repacked with grf_file
456  GRF   patchname2.gpf

//You can also delete files from the data folder.
678   FLD   data\filenametodelete.xml*

//Deleting files inside a GRF archive is still supported
910   GRF  data\i_will_delete_you.txt*

//if you prefer not using data folder, then just don't have a patch with FLD flag.

Fixes in 1.1
* RO client won't launch when "start game" is clicked.
* Crash if you only have a delete-file patch.
* Patches not fully downloaded on some version of Windows which causes "failed to extract filename.gpf" message.
* PostError() function
* Checks for handles before freeing


Patch files downloaded via HTTP
- Downloads patches via HTTP server!

(Why HTTP instead of FTP?:
- You do not need to setup anonymous FTP access.
- You can get your files hosted on sites that offers free web hosting.* )

Supports GRF Files
- Patches downloaded will be packed with your custom GRF file.

Built-in web browser
- Displays PHP, HTML, ASP, and other kind of files. Supports Flash™ (Flash player lugin required) and JavaScript™.

Fully skinable
- Control how the patch client looks (width, height, X and Y coordinates of buttons, windows, etc)

Comment Support
- Supports C/C++/PHP Style comments.

Error logging
- Logs errors (neoncube/error.log)

Backup GRF
- Option to keep a backup of the GRF file before applying the patch to it.

File Deletion
- Deletes file inside the GRF archive.

Using NeonCube

For Server Administrators / GMs:
1.) Download NeonCube (see below)
2.) Extract the files to a temporary folder.
3.) Open neoncube/neoncube.ini with your favorite text editor. (eg: notepad)
4.) Read the examples then edit the values.
5.) Save changes.
6.) Optional: Edit the skin / create your own.
7.) Optional: Place your newly created skin to neoncube/
8.) Open notepad then write in your patches in the following format:
patch_index dest patch name
//this will be repacked with your grf_file
1234    GRF   patch.gpf

// this one will be extracted to your data folder
1235    FLD   data_folder.gpf

//You can delete files inside a FLD or a GRF

11     GRF    data\I_will_delete_you.txt*
12    FLD     data\I_will_eat_you.txt*

//please take note: FLD = patch will go to data folder, GRF = will be packed with your grf_file

9.) save it then upload.
10.) distribute the patch clienit to your players.

- Package contains 2 skins, if you have a skin, please post it here and share it with the others smile.gif

Features that will be included in the future releases:

- Support for the following archive: .rgz, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .zip
- Resume broken downloads
- XP style progress bar (marquee while repacking/downloading files with unkown file size)
- Multiple GRF patching (adata.grf, bdata.grf, etc)
- Multi-part download (download accelerator-like download system)




Credits: Hongli Lai, Rasqual Twilight, Faithful, Jeff Glatt, GRFMaker Author, isieo, Joseph_, Bunnierein, James99, Akrus, Jodaho

Please do not PM/email me regarding NeonCube. I have supplied the links needed.
wow. happy.gif
First, I would like to post a featule-request. smile.gif
Is it possible to make that the gpf is inside a rar file? So te updater dl the rar file, extract the gpf from it and then merge it into the main grf. :F
I hope Neoncube is alive and gets continuously worked on. I gotta say one nice feature would be that it had 1 file that had everything in it, so you didn't have a neoncube folder. Kind of how the Triad Patcher works, except make the skins done like in Neoncube where it's individual files. I can't seem to work with templates very well.. Also perhaps encrypted GRFs. Or something like that, I remember on eAthenaRO they had something like that. been a while so I forgot. hmm..
It could be done. Will be added on next release.

Yes, actually, it was in our TODO list. However, we did not spare time doing it since our main purpose that time was stability. I will work on that soon enough.
Is it possible to make a completely new patch system? Maybe something like Triad, but the gpf(s) are compressed. LZMA compressing would be the best if you could do that. And an option for forced/prohibited full repack.
Tell me asap if I wondering too much. biggrin.gif
(On the site the Skin Dev Tutorial Link is broken.)
Is it possible to make a completely new patch system?

lol. I think you should know how many weeks it took me to develop 1.0.
And what is the reason why should I develop a completely new one? May I ask? NeonCube is going to stable stages. If its GPF inside a RAR, that could be done easily. No need to develop a new patch client from scratch.

LZMA compression is at my TODO list. Check out TODO.txt included with the file.
Cliffe, i am moving to Neoncube whenever i could patch adata/bdata grfs, since i need it.

( Thats why im stuck on Triad )
Multi-GRF patching you mean?
Yes, he means that.
But it is possible to make an option for forced/prohibited full repack? Or how does it works? Is there a full repack in the official updaters?
Ahh well I'm glad that Neoncube is being produced again. It was always my patcher of choice just for the sheer configurability so to speak (I was able to skin it fairly easily).
In the past I remember there was this one error. It was something along the lines is, if you have 2 of the same file and you tried to add them both, but at later times, lets say for updating something or other, it would either break them both, or only use one, whichever it wanted, ex: old or new one
I remember I had that problem when I was changing the login screens. But back then, I didn't know you had to do the asterisk after the update to delete something, I just shoved the things right on there and hoped they went through. hmm. Well good work! Happy new years, I need to plan a party!
undead prince
QUOTE (NLZ @ Dec 31 2006, 06:15 PM) *
Yes, he means that.
But it is possible to make an option for forced/prohibited full repack? Or how does it works? Is there a full repack in the official updaters?

It repacks if 50% of the files on your GRF have changed.
Excellent release Cliffe. wink.gif
Why am i having like this :(

Invalid entry in neoncube.ini: "executable" (file not found)
You should configure your ini file.
executable    = c:\windows\np.exe

Change it to something like this:
executable    = MyROServ.exe
patch list parse error (expected non-zero patch number), around "<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC " -//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN">"

can you please explain this and how to fix?
Your patchlist.txt's format is incorrect, it is in HTML. You probably wrote it using dreamweaver or other web authoring software. Use notepad instead. Make sure it doesnt contain any illegal characters:

100 GRF patchname.rar
How does your patchlist.txt looks like?
does this still support RAR files?
it always tells me this:

data.rar is not a valid rar archive...???

@cliffe- i used notepad
100 GRF update01.rar

@demonboi- Yes it does
@raveneffect- make sure the onlything inside data.rar is your .gpf (i believe)


Oh yah this is my neoncube config


server_name    = Forgotten Realms
notice_url    =
patch_site    =
patch_port    = 80
patch_list    = /patchlist.txt    
patch_folder    = /patch/

executable    = Forgotten Realms.exe
registration_link    =

skin    = skin_default

grf_file    = Forgotten-Realms.grf
Backup_GRF    = 1
startup_option    = 3


;debug_mode = 0
archive_passphrase = American Idiot
And gpf inside a rar file does not work yet. But with this error message it's not the main problem. smile.gif But you should use "100 FLD update01.rar" when you want to place a new file into your grf or "100 GRF update01.gpf" when you want to merge the gpf into the definied grf.

But it's strage. The config file points to the correct file. :F
ok i changed to 100 GRF update01.gpf also its just the update01.gpf in the patch.

this is all i have in my host


Think you can send me your patchlist.txt or create one for me?
I replied to your post at that should fix your problem.

Are you sure your RAR file is not corrupted? Try extracting it using winRAR.

Yes. Even RAR files with passwords.
raveneffect downloaded the patch and all but now it gives me this error... unsure.gif

please put the neoncube files into the RO folder

well thanks cliffe

i cant believe i didn't realise this after working for 8 or so months with neoncube's...
same thing happened... >_<

re-download neoncube
done...same thing happened...

I get the same problem as Raveneffect, it happened with the previous ones too.
It would be better if you would give me more information. Please read the first post.
There's no more information. All files are copied from the ZIP file into Gravity\RO\, the INI file is edited and the program is run. When it goes to download the patches or check the patch list, it causes that error and terminates the program. Any ideas?
Read my first post. The information that I needed is written there.
Since, no one else provided much information.. I had the same type of error as the others have had.

- OS: Windows XP: Home Edition SP2
- Web Server: Unknown? (
- IE: Version 7
- Korean Fonts Are Indeed Installed
- No "error.log" found.


Anywho, I was using the grf that was generated by the Create.exe.. I figured the grf was able to be used, seeing as I was planning on using the data folder instead of messing with the .grf files. Well, that's what caused the problem, I had to create a separate grf file that was the correct type and replace it.

I may sound stupid for saying it.. .-.; but someone could make a silly mistake like I did too.. >>;
Actually I had the same error...
Probably you have something wrong with you neoncube.ini, I was too lazy to find out what is the problem, so i just replaced ini from neoncube 1.1 and it works fine. Maybe just spacing or something...
Any hopes of getting the patcher to work with 98/ME?
No, unless if you mod 98/ME to support Unicode chars.
Any idea why this is happening on my mate's pc:

When he loads the patch client, the bg.bmp is not getting loaded, thus he gets a transparent window.

It work perfectly fine on my laptop. not on his desktop.
Maybe Linux version? rolleyes.gif
Nope, he uses windows xp, service pack 2 wink.gif
I meant NeonCube for Linux would be great wink.gif
Can you play RO on linux? I have not tried it with WINE. But I think it will not work, hence there is no need to develop a patch client for linux.

is bg.bmp present on his computer? tried using the red skin?
Actually I've been told that RO does run on linux with WiNE
I haven't personally tested it myself either, but people have told me it does work.
freewebs cant support txt format in neoncube?
well my setting all done and i checked along 10 times but still cant found the patchlist.txt when started neoncube patcher.
here the link
but my news.html working when start neoncube and it can load. here
izit it is port problem or what? but i dont think so...
anymore free hosting? suggest please...

here my neoncube.ini:
server_name = Darkness RO
notice_url =
patch_site =
patch_port = 80
patch_list = /webpatch/patchlist.txt
patch_folder = /patch/

executable = DarknessRo.exe
registration_link =
skin = skin_default

grf_file = darkness.grf
Backup_GRF = 1
startup_option = 3


;debug_mode = 0
archive_passphrase = American Idiot
QUOTE (Cliffe @ Jan 9 2007, 03:39 PM) *
Can you play RO on linux? I have not tried it with WINE. But I think it will not work, hence there is no need to develop a patch client for linux.

I'm under Linux. Completely. It *does* work, without any problems. The only problem that happens sometimes - some skills effects are a bit ugly~ actually MagicalTux had the patcher for Linux (?), but I wasn't able to get it from him smile.gif
Take the http:// text off. That is the most common mistake that many people had done.
Any skin releases?
Mmm.. I'm hoping rgz support will come out soon. It's rather annoying having to update all the setup files manually, or the BGM patch which no one wants to download since it's too large. =B
Nice patcher i have to say, but i need to add some custom stuff especially for my server, in order to work properly, that's why i should ask you, if src for release 1.2 avaible, or not, and if not, when will it be avaible?
I keep haveing an issue with my patcher.

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